Our Guest Speakers

Dr. Jarrod Younkin

Veterinary Health Center, Equine Surgery


On April 12th, Dr. Jarrod Younkin, the in-house resident for equine surgery at the Veterinary Health Center in Mosier Hall, was gracious enough to come in while on call and give the Horseman's Association a lecture on how they perform surgery to treat colic over at the VHC. He went over some of ways horses get colic, what to do if you think your horse has colic (medication-wise and activity-wise), and what they will do if it unfortuately gets to the point where they have to treat it with surgery. 


Dr. Younkin had a lot of interesting (and cool) information that he shared with us, as well as a variety of pictures documenting the process of the surgery. If you have any questions for Dr. Younkin that you want to ask him, you can contact him via his email at jty@ksu.edu

Lt. Col. William G. Jordan Jr.

United States Air Force (retired)

Bachelor's degree in History, Masters in both Military History (concentration on World War 2 and the Civil War) and Business Managment Computer Application


On March 8th, Horseman's Association was lucky to have the opportunity to bring in Lt. Col. William G. Jordan Jr. (retired), who is an expert on military history and the role horses have played throughout the entire history of the U.S. military. Since he retired from the United States Air Force, he now uses his knowledge educating the general populace through various living history demonstrations as well as assisting with several documentaries and films about past U.S. wars. 


We were very lucky to have Lt. Col. Jordan, and if you want to see everything that he has accomplished and been a part of, you can download the document below

Dr. Chris Blevins

College of Veterinary Medicine, Associate Professor

DVM, M.S., B.S; specializes in equine dentistry, reproduction, and preventative medicine


On October 6th, Horseman's Association got the awesome opprtunity to watch Dr. Blevins perform dental work on a horse, as well as give us a quick tour of both the large animal and small animal sections of the College of Veterinary Medicine. We got to see some pretty cool places/things, such as where they store all of their medicine, some surgery rooms, and the machine that they use to fix torsion of a horse's stomach. He talked to us about how they move a horse before and after surgery, specifics when it comes to equine dentals, and let us feel inside of the horse's mouth to see the difference before and after the dental.


He teaches a wide variety of equine classes at the College of Veterinary Medicine, so if you are planning on specializing in equine veterinary medicine, you will become very familiar with Dr. Blevins, and you will want to make sure you get on his good side early! If you would like to contact Dr. Blevins with any questions you have, you can reach his email at cblevins@ksu.edu

Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue

Kira Valentin- Interim Vice President, Marketing Director


Tuesday, Feburary 11th, KSU Horseman's Association hosted Kira Valentin for her to speak about equine rescue and Rainbow Meadows. We are so appreciative to Ms. Valentin for coming in and telling us all about her passion in equine rescue and what Rainbow Meadows is all about. She had a wealth of information regarding the equine rescue world and helped to clear up some common misconceptions and confirmed some truths. If anyone has any questions, would like to become more informed, get more information on eqine rescue, get more information about Rainbow Meadows or you are looking for your newest equine companion (or an equine companion for your equine) you can contact Kira at her e-mail address. Please remember that this rescue runs solely on volunteers who donate their time and skills. Rainbow Meadows is a non-profit organization, meaning they run the rescue solely off of monetary donations from the public. We all know how much time, effort and money go into our equine friends, so what Rainbow Meadows is doing is no small feat!


Contact Information:



Click the button below for more information about Rainbow Meadows Equine Rescue.

Dr. Nathan Canada, DVM

College of Veterinary Medicine

Equine Surgery, Resident


The KSU Horseman's Association would like to extend a huge thank you to Dr. Canada who came Tuesday, Feb. 25th to talk about emergency equine care. He walked us through what should be done, should your horse become injured. He talked over everything from a small puncture would and the serious complications that can arise to the large lacerations that are stitched up and sent home in an hour. 


Should anyone like follow up information from this lecture or to have the written prodecure to keep at your barn in case of emergency, please send us an e-mail that is located on the suggestion page. Please be specific about what information you are looking for. 


Remember!! Don't panic and call your vet right away!! 


We hope to welcome Dr. Canada back later this Spring for a Q and A on Colic!

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