KSU Horseman's Association Sponsors

Valley Vet Supply


Valley Vet has been a long-time sponsor for the KSU Horseman's Association, and we greatly appreciate all of their generosity and support. Valley Vet Supply has a wide variety of quality supplies, from flea-control medication for your dog to a calving pen for your cow. Click on their banner to the left to visit the equine supply section of their website.

Shop our Equine Catalog with horse supplies: tack, wormers, grooming, vaccines, and more. Same day and free shipping on qualifying orders.

Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals


MVP was one of our big sponsors for our barrel race this past spring, and we are very gracious for their support and providing items for us to use in our silent auction that went along with the barrel race. Click the banner to the left to visit the MVP website and see everything they have to offer.

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